Echigo Beer - Japan’s first micro-brewery

Echigo Beer - Japan’s first micro-brewery

Story of the Brewery

A number of micro-breweries in Japan opened after the revision of the liquor tax law in 1994, because the minimum production volume required to take a beer brewing license was greatly reduced. It made it possible for small manufacturers to start a business. At that time, Echigo Beer opened a brewpub first in Japan and has been one of the main players in the industry since then.

Premium Red Ale

Beautiful red color, medium-bodied ale. Fine bitterness and refreshing scent of citrus from hops. This premium ale, brewed with a deep red color, is both complex and refreshing. It has a refined aroma, balanced between bitter and sweet. It is very easy to enjoy for everyone.

Food Pairing

Fried Shrimp, Tomato-based Beef Stew


2018 New York International Beer Competition GOLD AWARD


Authentic Irish stout. Roasted, sweet, nutty nose. Best balance among roasted malt aroma, a refreshing scent from hops, fine bitterness and sweetness.

Food Pairing

Katsuo Tataki, Vanilla Ice Cream, Beef Stew

Koshihikari Echigo Beer

Rice lager made with Niigata celebrated Koshi Hikari rice. Has fine and persistent carbonation, and a clean, crisp flavor from the super-premium rice. Using the Decoction method, Echigo Brewery maximizes the flavor from the rice and malt.

Food Pairing

Sushi, Yakitori

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